Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephen's Birthday

Stephen had a birthday this week. Friday we made his cake- he picked a Greek Lemon Cake (will post on my cooking blog later). We mixed it up together- he was completely involved in making it. After it was cooled we made the frosting and we both decorated. He added all the finishing touches. I was very much reminded of myself around his age- I loved decorating my own birthday cake.

While we were baking he said to me: "Mom, you know what the best part of a birthday is? You get the biggest piece of cake!" I laughed to myself, because the day before Brian had made Stephen a birthday card- and it had said exactly that!! Yup, we've got him pegged.

Stephen loves food. He just does. And he loves making it. (Takes after me- I love it too.) We've gotten him gift cards to his favorite restaurant before for his birthday, and thought he would jump out of his skin in excitement. Last year I got him Rachael Ray's kid's cookbook. This year I went shopping and got all the ingredients to make 4 of the meals out of it, ones that he hasn't made. The fridge is stocked. He wants to make dinner tonight.

Later on Friday, our friend Kristy took Stephen to the rodeo- he got all decked out in his western wear to go. He had a good time, talking with Kristy and her friends and munching on candy. (More food...)

Saturday we had a birthday party for him. He invited a couple friends from school. They got here, made their own pizza and then while it was baking Brian had them play some games. The first one we had teams and they had a balloon between their backs- the fasted team to pop it was the winner. Turned out to be a challenge.
The next game we had a string tried to our ceiling fan with a clothes pin on the end. They each had a fruit roll up they had to eat, from the bottom up with no hands. The fastest won. Jesse was the fastest (of the kids) with 10.2 seconds, followed closely by one of Stephen's friends at 13.8 seconds. They ate their custom pizza and then enjoyed Stephen's birthday cake- and yes, Stephen did get the biggest piece. So much so, he couldn't finish it all.


Duncan & Suzanne said...

The cake looks great! So glad he had so much fun doing it! The party sounds like it was a blast too - what a fun birthday for him!

Jennilyn said...

So did we play battle on the same day? Happy Birthday to Stephen!

Rachel said...

Yup, you sure did- which probably topped his birthday off for him! :-) Everyone came over at 4pm, and I think you guys finished the game at 3:30- so it worked out quite well. It was a definite highlight. :-)

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Glad he had a good bday!
Gosh he is getting old:P
I remember mom, dad and I went to your house like the day after he was born or something and I didn't go in because I had a cold lol!

jPeggy said...

Happy Double Digit Birthday to Stephen! He may be ten but I am ten years older than the day he was born. So are you Rachel. Wow the time has gone by so fast.
cake is beautifully decorated, the games sounded like fun!!!


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