Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Redoing the Closet

Our closet is a good sized one, for an old house. There is enough room for one person to step inside and get clothes from either side of it. Brian's side had a low clothes rack and four 2' shelves over it. The shelves just collected clutter, so I have been wanting to change it. I found some closet systems that you could buy for $100, and was really thinking of that- but then on night I was laying in bed and thinking, instead of sleeping, which is what I really wanted to do. But anyway, I figured we could just use the wood that is already in the closet to redo it. So I tore it all apart and then realized that I would have a hard time getting it back together by myself. So I called my friend Laura, who graciously took pity on the pregnant lady and came to my rescue. We were able to get all the shelves put in and everything put away before the kids got home from school.

It does need to be painted, but I'll have to wait till next spring when the house can be aired out.

Thanks Laura!!

1 comment:

Duncan & Suzanne said...

that looks great! It will really increase the functionality of the space - you go girl!


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