Friday, October 3, 2008

"Cooking" with Mom

I keep my wheat in buckets in the kitchen, and we found that it's just the right height for Naomi to stand and "help" me cook. It's alot easier to have her poking the dough and getting flour everywhere than fussing at my feet because I'm not paying attention to her.

I asked the boys to take a picture and I think it was Luke who volunteered this time. After the picture was taken I said "You can get me in the picture too, you know."
His answer: 
"I did Mom- I got your arm."
So there you have it-- A nice picture of Naomi and me cooking. 

Stephen took this picture- I was chopping onions. Naomi loves eating onions. Notice the molasses on her cheek? Yes... she enjoyed making cinnamon rolls as well.

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