Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Evening...

I decided to take some snap shots of a semi-typical (More typical would be me asking "Are you done with your piano? Are you done with your homework? Did you put your back pack away?" etc.) evening right before dinner.

Stephen's chore: pick up 25 things. So he decided to do that in Naomi's room. (Notice the size? I can barely fit now!!)

Naomi wanting Daddy since he just came home from work.

Luke's home work: reading "Summer of the Monkeys".

Jesse reading his favorite- "Calvin and Hobbes"


Spasticpunk said...

i'm over there all the time and well yeah you hit the nail right on the head, but you also missed the stick-fighting pic, the lets make stuff out of other stuff pic, and the "oh Sean and Laura are here just in time for dinner" pic. LOL

Rachel said...

LOL- I can always do another one... but you're right- esp. w/ the stick fighting... that is pretty much a nightly activity.
Speaking of "let's make stuff out of other stuff" the other week at AWANA was "crazy hat day"... so I took duct tape, wrapped it around their heads so the sticky side was out and they stuck stuff on it... Jesse had leaves, Stephen had T.P. rolls (empty) and Luke had a verity of sticks, leaves and garbage- I made him remove the used kleenex, I have a limit.


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