Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Naomi is quite bubbly and sweet. In the morning I normally hear her sing-song voice saying "Nomee's awake!" "Nomee needs a juice!"
Brian left for work this morning and I was standing at the door with him when Naomi who just finished eating said:
"Nomee's all done Mom!"
"Nomee's all done Mom!"
"Ok, just a minute"
"Nomee's all done Mom!"

Brian was laughing. So I related what happened a few days ago: She was sitting on the pot and I was doing something. I hear:
"Nomee's all done Mom!"
"Ok, just a minute."
"Ok. Nomee's all done Mom!"
"Just let me finish this one thing."
"Ok. Nomee's all done Mom!"
"Just 30 seconds Naomi, Mama's almost done with this."
"Ok! Nomee's all done Mom!!"

Brian laughed and then reminded me of a commercial we saw the other night in which I laughed so hard. I don't like Family Guy, I don't watch it- but this had me rolling on the floor:

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