Saturday, September 26, 2009


The boys are really doing well in school. Being home schooled it's a little overwhelming for me still.

Stephen is in extended studies this year, this month they are doing a family history project and he has chosen Sweden as the country of his heritage. So we need to send something swedish each week. He has taken a horse and a candle holder. He has to take something tomorrow too, I'm not sure what to send. I know he would love food... so we'll see.

Jesse is getting on top of things this year, he's been coming home with no homework the last few weeks because he's been getting it done at school. I'm so proud of him!

Luke is in band this year, he is playing a tenor saxophone. One of our friends had one and is letting him borrow it. He's in Honors Math and right now he is in Cross Country as well. His day is really busy.

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