Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to School and it feels like a whirlwind!

Sorry guys, no pictures this time. I feel like I'm going crazy. Some might argue that I already am. :-) Luke is in Jr. High this year and I just don't feel on top of things. Brian has to drop him off before work in the morning, I could drop him off, but Titus is typically sleeping at that time and the other 2 are needing to get ready and get out the door as well, so it is a bit easier. Except that I have to have breakfast completely ready by 7am and lunches made by 7:25am, because that is when they leave.
Jesse and Stephen leave the house at 8am, some times with lunches, sometimes not. I think they would prefer sack lunch each day, but right now it still saves alot of money to get the free school lunch. I do send a sack lunch on the days they only offer junk foods. The day time is pretty easy, I have really been trying to be more productive while the kids are napping- which is really only 1 hour a day that they are both down. We collected a bunch of pallets and are planning to use them to build everything we need for our kitchen- cupboards, shelves, pantry, doors, etc. So far so good. My mom came down and we built a door for my laundry closet, I know, I need to post pictures! I started a window seat for the dining room last week, haven't gotten too far. I was going to work on it today while the kids were down, but it was about 90 degrees outside and I wussed out.
Naomi needs to get up from her nap at 3pm, (or she doesn't sleep at night- because she would nap until 5pm if I let her!) then Jesse and Stephen get home at 3:30pm. Dinner is normally started around 4pm, but now Luke is in Cross Country so he gets done at 4:30pm, so I have to have dinner going and mostly done because it takes me 20 minutes to pick him up. Then he's in Band so needs to practice his tenor saxophone and all 3 are still in piano (I told them they had to be in piano until they graduate high school) so they have to practice. Homework needs to be done and chores- it truly makes my life easier if they do their chores! I changed it once again- they know rotate: Wash dishes, dry dishes, clear table, take out trash, vacuum, fold laundry. Then they have one jar chore, which typically doesn't take long- things like "swish toilet" or "wipe off stove"
Then Brian comes home from work.

Monday they have boy scouts, which I need to have a snack ready for.
Tuesday Piano lessons, gone from 3pm-5pm
Wednesday Youth group, AWANA, ladies Bible study
Thursday typically free- thankfully!
Friday every other Friday is YAMS (Young Adults Married and Single)
Saturday I don't know, but it seems to be super busy!
Sunday Sunday School, Church, lunch, naps, church, bed.

I've never been a super organized person. I am about some things- like the towel cupboard (I hate it when they stuff the towels in!) and when I get groceries I like all the fruits together, frozen together, canned together, etc. and I liked them bagged that way.
But then at home I have always struggled keeping the dishes done and laundry- I despise it!!
I love to cook but hate to clean. Perhaps hate is too strong of a word... I'm just never "motivated".
Well, a few months ago I was listening to Dr. Laura and she said something like "No one does things because they're motivated. They do things because they are disciplined. If we all waited for 'motivation' nothing would ever be accomplished." That hit home. I am perfectly capable of doing these things- why don't they get done? I can blame my kids... I have 5 after all.
But I can't now. Titus is napping well, moving around and content. Naomi loves to help me and it really doesn't take much longer to have her "help". It really doesn't. And they do nap together for at least an hour each day.
For a long time I was helped by Flylady. I need to do that again. I have gotten rid of my 2009 things for this year (because the toilet overflowed and went into the basement and we decided to tear out the carpet/subfloor which meant I had to clear it out- and thanks to Laura I was brutal and got rid of TONS of stuff!) and I read most of "Get Rid of 50 Things, Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life". Which was another big help. So now I'm down to not much stuff- but have to stay on top of paper work (ugg!), dishes, laundry and typical cleaning stuff. Oh and working on the kitchen...
And throwing a whole new schedule on top of it all is wearing me out!!
There. There is my ramblings for the day. I have to get Naomi up now and start dinner.

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Suzanne & Duncan Forbes said...

That is a really great thing to keep in mind - motivation shouldn't be our goal, but discipline. Good thoughts. Good thoughts.


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