Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Naomi's Birthday

Trying to blow out her candles...

I made her a Carrot Cake- just like I did last year. I was going to do something different- but Brian asked why... and I couldn't come up with a good reason- so this was partially for him! :-)

Mormor got her some beautiful ruby colored shoes- Naomi loves her shoes, so she was really happy with them!

Grandma and Grandpa got her a rocking horse- it even sings a coyboy song and shakes it's tail! She loved it- she must have sat on it for good hour pushing the button and rocking to the music!

Sean and Laura got her a baking set. It's neat because it has a bowl and wooden spoon just like I do- she has been enjoying feeding people "Cake!". :-)

Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, at church, have adopted our kids as grandkids. They were both out of town when we had Naomi's party- so they gave her a gift at church on Sunday. Naomi loves tea stuff, cooking stuff, etc, so this is right up her alley!

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