Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crocheted Bedspread

January 2007 my Granny had a stroke, fell, smacked her head and laid in her house for a couple days before someone found her. She was in a type of coma by then, she would respond now and then by squeezing someone's hand or looking at people. My parents were gracious enough to fly me down there so I could see her before she died. I hadn't seen her for about 9 years- I had been pregnant with Stephen at the time, now I was pregnant with Naomi. I am so thankful I was able to be there.
My granny crocheted alot, when I left there my family sent me home with a huge suitcase stuffed full of yarn, crochet patterns, hooks, etc. I went through a couple books and found the pattern to this bedspread. I finished it right before Titus was born- I had started it sometime in the fall of 2007. I got through half of the blanket before I had to go buy some yarn and then I still mixed it with some that Granny had.

Here's the summery of my trip that I sent to some friends after I returned:
I went down to Redding on Sunday, was met there by my Aunt, 2 cousins and then my parents showed up at the airport too right after I got off the plane. The trip had been ok- though leaving Billings was really rough- bumping and moving the whole time. I don't think the baby liked it too much, when we took off the baby started moving all around. But
didn't seem to be bothered with the rest of the flights.
The first night there, just my dad and aunt went in to see Granny, she was in ICU. My dad had a really hard time with it, he couldn't be in there very long, my aunt seems to have the same problem and my mom
can't because she has to care for the kids. A neighbor, Trudie, called that night and wanted to let us know that she had shared the gospel w/ Granny on several occasions.
I was able to sit with her a long time on Mon and Tues. Monday was hard, I talked a little bit, but every time I tried to I just would cry. Tues I was better, I sat a long time with her and read the book of 1 John and some Psalms. I talked about how to accept Christ as savior and prayed with her.
She slept the whole time. They took her off everything, except morphine Monday afternoon.
Wednesday I went in again and told her I had to go home, etc, and kissed her forehead and she turned toward me right away. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I think she wanted to say something, but she just couldn't. She didn't look comfortable (had been throwing the blankets off her- laying there naked, I was a little irritated they didn't have her in a gown, she would not have liked that) so my mom called the nurse in and I was telling him what to do (because I'm good at that you know!) and Granny kept looking at me. (I don't think she had ever seen me be assertive. Something I've learned to be in the last 9 years.) He didn't think she was uncomfortable, but I know she was. I put some chapstick on her and lotioned her face, she turned so I could lotion both sides. I talked about how I had looked at her photo albums the night before and saw all the pictures of when she was a dancer (her family was very wealthy and by 12 she had the most beautiful professional photos w/ her dance
partner, and news paper articles on how they were the entertainment at classy social events. As she got older there were hollywood headshots- she was even in a Marilyn Monroe movie!) and I told her how beautiful she was- and there was a slight hint of a smile! LOL
It was really hard to leave her that day, but I'm sure once she got some pain killers she rested again. I did pray with her again before I left. I felt better about seeing her though, I needed to talk to her about the Lord, I just needed to do that before she passed and God let me.
I got some of her jewelry. Most of it was inexpensive, she loved it, so she had tons! But I did get a really pretty ring, but get this, it's PINK! lol. She was a little lady, so they all fit my little fingers.
It was amusing going through her stuff (we looked everywhere trying to find a key to a safe- never did find it, they had to bust it open)- her socks were all stacked by color, bras were lined upright like at Victoria's Secret. I opened on drawer and there must have been 100 panty hose-- plastic packages lined up on one side, egg shaped one in a box on the other side. THen I opened the next drawer and there was a ton of ziplock bags w/ more panty hose- and notes in them. One read: "has runs above the knee, do not wear with black skirt that has slits above the knee." he he he- they all had stuff like that. She wrote
notes like that on everything.
Everything was perfectly organized- the whole bathroom was dedicated to makeup. One drawer full of brow/eye liner and lip liners. I guess it took her 3 hours to get done up in the morning. I don't think there was a day in her life when she didn't fix herself up.

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