Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Get-Away

This weekend, some friends watched the kids for us and Brian and I attended a wedding a few hours away, we got a nice motel room and just enjoyed our time as just the 2 of us... well, ok, we weren't completely alone, but this little one doesn't require anything yet.

We drove up around a sky resort area and then took a leisurely drive home, hoping to shop on the way, but then there was the first place we stopped, it was 10am... they opened at 11am. So we drove for a while and dinked around, stopped at another store 30 miles away, it was 11am and that store didn't open until 12pm! So, we gave up, ate lunch and drove home. Oh well.
Oh- and that little brown spot you see in the meadow... that was a bull elk!


The Pace Posse said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thank you for sharing God's beauty with us in that post.

kelli said...

I was taking a look at mdc and saw you were from MT, so I clicked on your blog, then your other blog :). We moved from Big Sky/Gallatin Gateway/Manhattan/Belgrade (LOL) about a year and a half ago and those pictures are where my heart is. I've stood where you are standing (or around there). Thanks.


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