Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stephen's Country

Just to let you know how Stephen's extended studies activity went.
This last Thursday was the 4th day of it and he needed to take some type of food. I was out of everything! Hadn't gone shopping and was cooking with other things, so hadn't thought about not having white flour or sugar... So I searched for Swedish recipes and found Pickled Fresh Cucumbers. YAY! There are so many other things I could have made him, if I had put more thought/time into it. Like: Swedish Raisin Rye or Snickerdoodles. Oh well. He enjoyed the pickles. I confess, I haven't tried them, he said they were sweet and I really don't care for sweet pickles. But he was happy with them, so that's what mattered. :-) Makes me happy.
Stephen had all the kids (8 of them) guess, then he showed the Swedish flag and one of his friends figured it out, then he told them it was by Findland and Norway and all the kids got it. They had just studied geography earlier in the day.

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