Friday, December 5, 2008

Bosom Buddies

My friend Suzanne came for a visit this last week. We have been friends for almost 20 years- seems so crazy to be able to say that! We were really hoping to have the baby while she was here, but God had other plans. Suzanne is a Personal Organizer- which is something I am not. While she was here she rearranged the kitchen and the livingroom and cleaned- kept all the dishes done, etc. What a blessing! She says she's OCD, I really had never thought of her that way. More of gifted!
The livingroom arrangement was rather funny... my midwife was here as well and I left to pick up the boys from piano lessons, 20 minutes later I walked in to a different livingroom. Why? What do I expect leaving 2 OCD people in the same room? Oh and because the way I had it set up before was not conducive to conversation. Ok. I change the livingroom every couple months anyway- so it's nice, just funny!
I really enjoyed her visit- we end up just being able to see each other every couple years, so it's always refreshing to be with her. We hadn't planned much- since I was thoroughly convinced I would have this baby as early (or close to it) as I had Naomi. The week was fairly low-key and we just enjoyed each other's company.
Naomi grew quite attached and started saying "Suzi" right away, it was very cute.
Anyway, my heart was blessed by having her here- so thanks Duncan for sharing your lovely wife for a week, it was a great gift!


Duncan & Suzanne said...

*Garsh* Thanks! I had such a blessed time with you - what fun!

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

You guys have been friends for 20 years?? You were preteens when you met??? Wow! That is REALLY cool!:)

Rachel said...

Actually, it's been 18 years. But yeah, it is cool- not many friendships last so long. :-)


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