Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We've gone to a pumpkin patch every year- until we started our garden. Last year we had enough pumpkins just from our own garden, which was alot of fun. But this year our garden didn't do too well and we had 3 tiny green pumpkins... so we went to the pumpkin patch again. Sean and Laura went with us- it was a windy day, but other than that, very nice.

Naomi loves dogs. She just stayed next to this dog and said "puppy!"

A rare shot of the whole family!

Naomi and Jesse.

All my pumpkins!

Stephen and Jesse helped Naomi- she enjoyed "jumping" over everything in the path.

Luke always picks the biggest one...

Trying to decide- it's a rough life!

Jesse and his pumpkin.

Naomi in the pumpkin patch... with her pumpkin hat...

Dad and Naomi found the perfect Naomi pumpkin!


Duncan & Suzanne said...

I absolutely love all these pictures - they are super cute! Looks like she had a great time and I'm glad you were able to get a full-family shot!

Liz's Random Thoughts said...

So cool!!!:)


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