Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First day of School

*Sigh* the first day of school. The boys are happy with their teachers- Jesse and Stephen got who they wanted, (the same teacher their older brother had the year before, so they knew what to expect) Luke, I don't think really knew much about his grade of teachers, but he is happy with the one he got.
They all came home with homework yesterday- one of my pet peeves of public school. Jesse and Stephen's were mild- info about themselves so the teacher would know more about them. Things like: do you like to read by yourself, out loud or have someone read it to you?
Luke had one homework page that was telling the teacher about himself, he started it with "I am weird and proud of it." Yeah, that's my boy! :-D He had to tell her things he was hoping for in the year and things he didn't want the teacher to do, etc. Then he had 2 optional pages, which of course he wanted to do, because it meant extra credit. I have to say here that I do have weird kids! I never would have done an optional piece of homework! And all my boys want to do it- where did they get that from??

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Liz's Random Thoughts said...

Grandma M's side? :P

Nice pic of the kids btw! I hope they enjoy their school year, and stay smart!:)


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